Class of 2016

16 WOD honorees

*Kristi Benningsdorf, Banking and Finance
*Linda Winter, Business and Business Services
*Cara Neth, Education
*Shirley Brunelli, Exceptional Volunteer
*Tracy Young, Exceptional Volunteer
*Sandi Elder, Government, Energy and Utilities
*Mitzi M. Moran, Health Care
*Denny Moyer, Leading Lady
*Carol Ann Hixon, Nonprofit Creative Industry
*Jodi Hartmann, Nonprofit Human Services
*Kathi Wright, Nonprofit Human Services
*Randy Ratliff, Outstanding Mentor
*Trish Sandau, Real Estate, Construction and Development

Class of 2015

*Dixie Daly, Business and Business Services
*Dorothy Dorman, Nonprofit Human Services
*Patty Gates, Banking and Finance
*Cindy Guldy, Exceptional Volunteer
*Enita Kearns-Hout, Nonprofit Human Services
*Mary Elizabeth Lenahan, Nonprofit Creative
*Mary O’Neal, Real Estate, Construction and Development
*Dawn Paepke, Outstanding Mentor
*Donna Poduska, Health Care
*Ginny Riley, Government, Energy & Utilities
*Jeannine Truswell, Leading Lady
*Dr. Karen Turner, Education

Class of 2014

*Goldie Augustmoon, Outstanding Volunteer
*Nancy Brigden, Leading Lady
*Dr. Deborah Crawford, Health Care
*Tom Dwyer, Embassy Suites Hotel
*Roxanne Fry, Nonprofit Human Services
*Diane Jones, Government, Energy & Utilities
*Dr. Marsi Liddell, Education
*Sarah MacQuiddy, Business and Business Services
*Flo Mikkelson, Banking and Finance
*Donna Smith, Real Estate, Construction & Development

Class of 2013

*Mary McCambridge, Banking and Finance
*Wynne Odell, Business and Business Services
*Laurel Kubin, Education
*Becky Safarik, Energy and Utilities
*Hope Cassidy, Leading Lady
*Sister Mary Alice Murphy, Nonprofit Human Services
*Cheryl Donaldson, Nonprofit Creative Industries
*Ann Hutchison, Nonprofit Trade Associations
*Brownie McGraw,Outstanding Mentor
*Linda Volmaske, Outstanding Volunteer
*Helen Gray, Real Estate, Construction and Development

Class of 2012

*Nancy Patton, Banking and Finance
*Pam Bricker, Business and Business Services
*Karen Trusler, Education
*Betsey Hale, Government, Energy and Utilities
*Avie Strand, Health Care
*Leona Martens, Lady of Legacy
*Lucia Liley, Leading Lady
*Juliana Hoch, Nonprofit Creative Industries
*DeeAnn Groves, Nonprofit Human Services
*Nancy Richardson, Outstanding Volunteer
*Susie Ewing, Real Estate, Construction and Development

Class of 2011

*Julie Piepho, Banking and Finance
*Pam King, Business and Business Services
*Colleen Laub, Education
*Julie Field, Government, Energy and Utilities
*Ann Yanagi, Health Care
*Trudy Sargent, Leading Lady
*Annette Geiselman, Nonprofit Creative Industries
*Leona Martens, Nonprofit Human Services
*Jean Schober Morrell, Outstanding Mentor
*Yvonne Myers,Outstanding Volunteer
*Deanna McCrery, Real Estate, Construction and Development

Class of 2010

*Louise Kuntzelman, Banking and Finance
*Judy Dorsey and Sharie Grant, Business and Business Services
*Holly Bressler, Education
*Kathy Phifer, Government
*Marilyn Schock, Health Care
*Denise Freestone, Nonprofit Creative Services
*Mary Carraher and Ruth Lytle-Bartleby, Nonprofit Human Services
*Paula Edwards, Outstanding Volunteer
*Connie Hanrahan, Outstanding Mentor
*Linda Hopkins, Real Estate, Construction and Development

Class of 2009

*Lorna Reeves, Banking and Finance
*Lori Burge Bonnie Dean and Susan Schell, Business and Technology
*Kay Norton, Education
*Kathy Collier, Government
*Robin Downing, Health
*Vicki Lutz, Nonprofit
*Jim Barnett, Outstanding Mentor
*Chalice Springfield, Real Estate, Construction and Development
*Mims Harris, Volunteerism